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Discover-MaxDiff: How and Why it Differs from Lighthouse Studio’s MaxDiff Software

Sawtooth Software’s web-based (SaaS--Software as a Service) questionnaire authoring tool is streamlined, attractive, and user-friendly. We’re calling this web-based platform “Discover” and the MaxDiff component within it “Discover-MaxDiff.” Discover-MaxDiff includes the essential aspects of Sawtooth Software’s Lighthouse Studio MaxDiff software. This white paper describes the minor differences between MaxDiff within Discover and Lighthouse Studio in detail. Users will find Discover-MaxDiff easy to use, they’ll be able to collaborate better in teams, and the results should be nearly indistinguishable from our MaxDiff package in Lighthouse Studio. All aspects, from questionnaire authoring, designing MaxDiff tasks, fielding the study, and analyzing the results are managed within the intuitive, browser-based interface.

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