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ToolTip ("LinkText", "HelpText", Width, Height)


Creates a tool tip for "LinkText". When the respondent moves their mouse over the top of this text, a box will be displayed with "HelpText" in it.  Width and Height are optional.




 [%ToolTip("Product A", "This product has some great features!", 100, 50)%]


Another way to create a tool tip without using a Sawtooth Script function is to add the "tool_tip_link" class to your HTML.  Then enter the tool tip text as the value for the "title" attribute.  For example:


 <span class="tool_tip_link" title="Put help text here">Product A</span>


In the example above "Product A" could be replaced with an image:


 <span class="tool_tip_link" title="Put help text here">

         <img src="product_image.jpg">



To have the "LinkText" be an image try the example below.  The HTML with the class "tool_tip_link" will appears as the link.  The HTML with the class "tool_tip_text" will be included in the pop-up "HelpText".


 <div class="tool_tip_link">

         <img src="car_pic.jpg">


 <div class="tool_tip_text">

         This is an "awesome" car! 



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