Custom Logic

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Custom logic can be used for additional flexibility in areas such as Skip Logic and Quota Control. Here are some examples of custom logic:




Age < 18

If a value less than 18 was entered for the numeric question named "Age".

Color = 3

If the 3rd option of the select question "Color" (type "Radio" or "Drop Down") is selected.

Q1_2 = 1

If the 2nd option of a select question (with multiple response options, type "Check") "Q1" is checked.

Feature_r3 = 5

If the 5th option on the 3rd row of the grid question "Feature" is selected (assuming that the 3rd row is of type "Radio").

Scale_r3_c2 = 1

If the checkbox on the 3rd row in the 2nd column (in a grid question) is checked. Use "0" to test for un-checked.

Q1 != 50

If the answer to Q1 is not 50.

Age >= 18 and Age <= 65

If "Age" is greater than or equal to 18 and less than or equal to 65.

Age <= 18 or Age >= 65

If "Age" is less than or equal to 18 or greater than or equal to 65.


Custom logic can be enhanced by using Sawtooth Script functions.


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