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The Scores tab displays positive scores for each item, where the scores sum to 100.  The scores are ratio scaled, meaning that an item with a score of 10 is twice as preferred (or important) as an item with a score of 5.  The most typical visualization is to list the items from highest to lowest scores for the sample as a whole, or for key subgroups of respondents.





You can check the option to display 95% confidence intervals.  Assuming your respondents are representative of the population from which they were drawn randomly, you are 95% confident that the true population's score falls within this interval.  You can also use the 95% confidence intervals to assess whether one item is preferred to another.  If the confidence intervals do not overlap between two items, you are at least 95% confident that one item is preferred to the other.


For more details about how the raw Empirical Bayes scores are converted to probabilities summing to 100, please refer to Appendix K of the CBC/HB Manual.  Within Appendix K, refer to the section entitled: "A Suggested Rescaling Procedure."

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