String Functions

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IsNumber (QuestionName)

Is true if the entire string is all digits, false otherwise.

Length (QuestionName)

Returns the number of characters contained in the response.

Mid (QuestionName, BeginPosition, Length)

Extracts a substring of a string given by QuestionName.  The substring is extracted starting at the character number specified in BeginPosition (1-based counting) with length specified in Length.

NumberToString (Number)

Converts a variable of type "Number" to type "String".  This is useful when trying to use a number in a string function.

TextExists (QuestionName, "TextToLookFor")

Searches for "TextToLookFor" in the value saved for QuestionName.  If found, a 1 (true) is returned; if not found, a 0 (false) is returned.

ToLower (QuestionName)

Returns a lowercased version of the response.

ToUpper (QuestionName)

Returns an uppercased version of the response.

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