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Survey Link Variables


Survey Link Variables allow you to pass data (e.g. Respondent#, age, gender) into a respondent data record through the survey link.  If "Unique Id" is selected then a unique value should be passed in for each respondent.  This enables the respondent to restart a survey and continue where they last left off.  If using "unique id" with unique pass-in values, once the survey is finished the respondent will not be able to take the survey again using the same link.


Here is an example survey link:


The example above assumes that a survey link variable "id" has been created.  The VALUE above will need to be replaced with the actual id for each respondent.  For example:


The link above will pass the value "784" into the survey.  This value will then be available in the respondent data record.  It can also be displayed back to the screen or used in a link at the end of the survey.  The following code:




will return the value passed in for "id" or "784" if using the example above.


Redirect Links


Respondents can be redirected to another website using redirect links.  To setup a redirect link create a "Terminate" question and check "Redirect respondents to the following web link".  When respondents arrive at the Terminate question instead of seeing the question they will be redirected to the link that you specify.  


If you'd like to pass information from your survey to another website you can use Sawtooth Script in your link.  For example:[%id%]


Assuming your survey has an "id" field then [%id%] will be replaced with the respondent's actual "id" (i.e. 43692) when the survey is taken.


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